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Rocket Gang
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Rocket Gang
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"Rocket Gang"


#RocketGang @ irc.anirena.net
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Rocket Gang is a nonprofit subbing group, founded by late 2008.
We are currently subbing Pokemon Advance Generation episodes. If you are a translator/raw provider and would like us to do a series. we would be happy to look into your request.

The main things to remember:
1)Please be nice to others.
2)Please do not ask for releases, we are only human and can only work so fast.
3)Please do not start fights in posts. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
4)When you are done downloading something on Bittorrent, please seed for at least 3 hours. Seeding would help us get releases out much more quickly.
5)If a Megaupload, Sendspace, ect. link is provided for a release and dies. Providing a new link or telling us about the dead links would be much help.

We accept constructive criticism, so please do not be afraid to point out errors in the subs. Besides that, enjoy! =)

Want to Join Us
Yes, we are looking for staff members. Please contact us at RocketGangSubs@gmail.com or visit us on our IRC Channel, #RocketGang @irc.anirena.net

Thank You