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We official have our own site and forums.  Please join us


Thank You


The Mastermind of Mirage Pokémon h264-AC3-DVDSUB
Here is our first release enjoy


Hope you like it! Please be patient, we don't have many seeders yet.

Welcome to #Rocketgang's website.
If you have not already, please do take the time to read the info page of the community. That will only make your experience here more enjoyable. The info page also keeps track of the staff here as well as project status.

Please visit our chat on irc.anirena.net @ #rocketgang.

For some, I go by Shinhei. Others, my real name. But, you all can call me Shinhei. =D

I am the useless founder of this group. XD The real founder is Mitch, and he has pretty much done EVERYTHING. So, much kudos to him. Please be respectful and patient. We are a new group and still are unfamiliar with a lot of stuff and don't have easy access to alot of things. I hope you will support us and have a nice day.


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